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Apoint is an easy-to-use platform to run, manage and grow your business online. You can create your online store, do bookings, add products, manage inventory, accept online payments, and do much more. It’s the simple and fastest way to take your business to next level.

Apoint app is free to use. To use Apoint web and get access to premium features, you can try 30-day free trial. Once the trial expires, you can choose a pricing plan that suits your business needs.

Click on "Become a Merchant" tab

Business Details:

  • Select and Put your "Store,Building,Place" Photos.
  • Select and Put your "Business logo".
  • Put Business/Service "name".
  • Put Business/Service "category".
  • Put Business/Service "Mobile number".
  • Put Business/Service "Email address".
  • Any escrow type of payment
  • Prepaid cards if you use automatic payments

Business Address:

  • Add "House no./ Building name".
  • Add "Road name,Street name".
  • Add "Sector,Area,Colony".
  • Add "Landmark".
  • Add "City".
  • Add "Pincode".

Business Timings:

  • Select/Choose your "Working Days".
  • Select/Choose your "Opening time","Closing time".
  • If you have token system,then select "dialogue box".
  • If you're scheduling the future appointments,then click "dialogue box".
  • Click "submit" to register.

Steps for book the appointments:

  • Search and Select the Business/Service you want.
  • Click on their Profile.
  • for on-day appointments,you just need to select "Get a Token" and it's booked.
  • To get appointments on future dates, Select "Book Appointments".
  • "Select date" to get suitable date for you.
  • Select a "time slot".
  • Put the details of your own/ or whom you want to booked for.
  • Click the "Book Appointment" tab.
  • it's Booked.

Steps to manage your appointment:

  • Click on "Appointments" tab.
  • Check the old appointments from "History" tab.
  • check and manage the on-day & future appointments on the "Upcoming" tab.
  • it's managed/updated.

Steps to change phone number:

  • Click on "profile" tab.
  • Click on "Settings" tab.
  • Click on "Add Phone number" tab.
  • it's updated.

Steps for notification setting:

  • Click on "Profile" tab.
  • Click on "Settings" tab.
  • Click on "Notification Settings" tab.
  • Click "Enable/Disable" to allow.
  • it's updated.